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Time to create your dream Man cave!


A man cave is a man’s refuge to behave as he so wishes, but all I asked is that you do it in a space that other men will crave! Check out my top tips on creating the man cave even your wives will envy!

A man cave should be a place where you can come and relax, hide away from the world and sink a beer or 5! The original name does not have to represent today’s current interior, lifeless and unplanned. It should be a space your mates see as the go-to pad and are practically fighting over. How good would that feel?

It’s not just all about exciting gizmos and gadgets, yes these are a part of it but why not make the space look like is been well designed and planned at the same time!

Firstly, decide the purpose of the space, is it for Friday night pool and beers, poker night of simply chilling with a beer and another viewing of Fight club. It can be an mix of all the above, but it is essential to figure this out before you begin.

As with all interior projects, please just don’t go and buy that cool games table and an amazing sofa!

If this man cave is all about being a playpen for fun and games, just don’t let it be the center of attention and take over the space. Its all about balance, the space should be all about variety.

Style dependant think feature wall murals, neon signs, sofas to get lost in, beer fridges and bars, memorabilia, gadgets, gizmos and games.

As with any space, zoning is essential, creating specific areas within one large space. This is your place to show your real self, no wife saying” I don’t want to see your signed football, it doesn’t work with my décor!”. Well, gone are those days!

It’s about creating a space where your mates want to come to watch the game and you then have to almost throw them out! Let’s look at some different styles and themes to look at.

If you are lucky enough to have a selection of luxury cars and have a space close to or even room in your garage, why not create your space here or knock through to make it one big space, this could create a real impact.

The space should be well planned to conceal anything that does not need to be seen!

I wanted to give you some options and ideas of things/areas you could incorporate into various designs, so here goes.

  • A bar- but not just any bar, maybe it could be made from something quirky such as half a car!
  • A mini-golf course, maybe it is virtual reality.
  • Memorabilia wall.
  • Games table for poker
  • Cinema style sofas
  • Pull down cinema screen
  • Sunken seating area
  • Darts area
  • Mini bowling alley
  • Football/Ice-Hockey table
  • Multifunction furniture- for hiding all the gadgets
  • Pull out beds for those nights that get a bit crazy
  • Reading zone
  • Feature lighting
  • Food machines- popcorn
  • Speedy oven
  • Pizza oven
  • Table with beer cooler in the middle
  • Upcycled elements such as homemade furniture and bars, hooks for holding things, the sky is the limit.

Styles to consider and base your design around these!


Plush/ Luxury

Contemporary cool

Mid century

Let’s look at some pieces that would fit right into a man cave!

Well, that’s all for this week, but if this has inspired you just a little to start thinking about planning your man cave then that’s great, but if you feel like its all a bit too much, get in touch and I can help you create your dream space.

Bye for now


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