About me..

I officially began my design journey on the site of my very own family home. I arrived on site to help dig the trial hole on day one, excited for the road ahead.

I knew it was going to be an experience not to be missed so I would get straight off the bus from school daily to access the projects progress, as my parents worked with the architect, I did my best to suggest ideas eagerly thinking ahead but my plans were swiftly dismissed.

I was told my time would come, and I was determined to make that happen, needless to say, they now regret not listening to me! In 2008 ,I began studying interior design/Spatial planning in Dublin and then completed my Degree at the University of Wolverhampton in 2012 where I experimented with amazing model making facilities.

I have since worked in design in various roles, but my need to share my own passion directly, pushed me to create Macánta interiors- A holistic approach to Interior Design


Macánta interiors was conceived from my love of design and my passion for health and wellness. My need to create spaces that are both functional and aesthetically invigorating that have a positive effect on our mental health is crucial for me.

I create atmospheres that provoke feelings and trigger emotions naturally. I design spaces that impact our experience of life.

I design spaces tailored to your needs by getting to know you and your project in depth. I design to solve problems, by creating intelligent spaces that are desirable.

I work with you to help realise your vision and create the space you have always desired and needed. I promise to create a space to make that make the people using it happier and healthier. I aim to make your dream space come to life whilst saving you time and eliminating all the stress.