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Christmas Trends

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Hey Guys,

Its been quite some time since I last posted, but I have been super busy working on new branding, photo shoot’s and all sorts!

I wanted to post  tonight about Christmas Interiors.

So this year, there are so many different themes to look at, both based on colours and themes. There is a style to suit any interior, be it traditional or contemporary.

There is everything from neon themed trees for the more contemporary look, to the classic red themed trees. Lets examine the various theme trees and look at accessories that work with each of those trees. First off we have the Winter wonderland style tree.

This winter wonderland look is great for the neutral interiors, especially the lighter tones space, its seamlessly blends into the surroundings and complements your current interior bringing harmony and peace to a already calm and cosy space,creating the perfect space for those winter nights in. This look is works really well with the Scandinavian style interiors. Its all about the cosy feeling and we do this by mixing textiles and layering.

Lets look at some decorations that work for this scheme and where you can find them!

Cox and cox do some amazing contemporary decorations and Christmas themed accessories.

These would look great as part of a scene on top of your mantle piece.Layering it up to create the winter like feeling with lots of different textures and lighting throughout the accessories works well.

Building up your tree with lots of different types of baubles and hanging pieces creates the winter wonderland style tree of dreams, check out cox and cox’s collection on offer this year.

Let take a look at the golds from the opulent and elegant theme.This works well with a more traditional property. This sophisticated look  celebrates the glamour of the season and the excitement of the festivities. The rich tones of gold, amber, and bronze work well together to add a rich glow to any tree.

There is also a darker theme for the more contemporary look which would work well with the monochromatic interiors. For those not a fan of the regular more traditional colour themes, this would work well for a more edgy take on Christmas.

Lastly, if you really want something different and something to brighten up your space, take a look at the below from treetopia (link below).This look needs to be carefully curated in the right environment to be seen in its best light.Less if more with this one, just as it is show above, allowing the tree itself to do the talking rather than the decorations adorning it.

There are many more themes to run with this Christmas and you can check them out below. I just wanted to highlight a few that I think work well with some key interior themes.

Bye for now


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