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Decorating your Easter brunch table

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Hi guys,

What can I say, it has been ages, that’s because I have been busy launching a new website and rebranding!

But I am back now! I promise!

So, it’s on everyone’s mind right; stuffing your face with chocolate, mine too. I have been off it for lent, this is my meagre yearly sacrifice!
But to me, that is far from the highlight, I am talking about dressing your brunch table for the season that is in it. You may be having some family over and want to make a fuss. Here is how to have them bursting at the seams (with excitement) not food!

This table may not suit everyone’s interior, but it can easily be adapted to suite your interior. It is all about building the layers to up create drama!
Remember that every element is important and all count when creating your vision.

  • Begin with your table cover or runner for a more contemporary look. Then add a centre piece and build out front this with possibly two smaller pieces either side, such as a tall candle holder.
  • Balance is essential! Spacing correctly is very important to draw the eye to the whole style concept.
  • Now it is time to add any smaller items such as small eggs scattered along the runner.
  • Lets now add some mats, again layering! Surround with the feature glasses and simple cutlery, don’t go over kill, less is more to a degree!
  • Finish with your ceramics, layering these where possible… plates, bowls, napkins etc.

Sourced items!


Cake stand:

Table runner:

Centre piece:

Hanging centre piece:

Glass jars



Table runner:

Hanging centre piece:

I hope this inspires you this Easter to make a fuss! Check out my Instagram page for more inspiration!




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