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Save and Splurge Interiors

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Hello All

What a busy few weeks, it has been hard to keep up with my weekly blogs these days with all that’s been happening on my website etc. Exciting times but, god I wish there were more hours in the day!

So lets talk this week about the pieces within your space that you should splurge on and save on.

So lets be honest, we all love a bit of a bargain and also quality at the same time. My advice with interiors as with fashion is mix and match. Primani and Aramani! Well not quite but you know what I am saying!

It also all depends on your situation and the look you go for, let’s say you are going for the contemporary look. This is very much a look where you can cut corners, thanks to the great Ikea. I am not suggesting you choose all ikea pieces as this will be really obvious, but it is the ideal furniture to mix with other pieces to look the part.

Lets base this on a living space.

Let me give you some examples, how about an ikea dining table, with some designer chairs. Dining chairs and feature chairs in general having always been at the forefront of good design and some are instantly recognisable which in turn give credibility to the table, whilst also taking the attention of it also.

Check some out below. These are some of my favourites and bound to turn heads in any contemporary interior.

Links below:

My next suggestion would be to choose your sofa carefully. Quality is key here. These hugely range in price, you do not need to go top of the line with a contemporary sofa, due to its lack of details. Spend a bit more on the more classic looks.This one below is the perfect example of not looking cheap but being a nice £499!

Art is definitely worth investing in, I can be quite clear which is quality art and something from the range! No, I am not slagging the range, just some items are best sourced elsewhere. I believe it is important to have meaning to your art, so buying art from and artist you like or that means something to you adds a sort of dept to the design. Check out this great site for art.

Other pieces of furniture to consider, side tables, coffee tables, media units. These items you can possibly source some cheaper pieces. Again, it is about quality, look at the finish, avoid shiny finishes, and items that are vinyl wrapped to a low quality capacity.

Mixing materials to create a balanced look in terms how expensive the room looks is essential.

Lighting is one of those that Is so dependant on the style you are going for, just avoid going for cheap/bling lights, watch out for materials and make up, check out some examples below of affordable options.

Lastly accessories and finishes.

Most accessories you can get at reasonable prices, but you must be careful of what you do and don’t choose. As usual avoid obviously tacky material and keep to concrete,matt effect type finishes. On a whole this is where you can save money If you are savvy.

Let’s talk finishes, these are very important to get right, your walls, floors and window dressings need to be on point. Paint needs to be quality and the level of perfection especially in a contemporary home needs to be of a high standard as the look does not allow for imperfections.

Fabric all depends on the type, and it is all about volume, this is where the you can be savvy and choose fabrics that are more natural such as linen or cotton, these styles will struggle to look cheap as long as the volume in the pleats is there. Bottom line avoid bling-bling shiny fabrics.

There are many ways to save on your interiors, not all for particularity this look, but others that suit up cycled products are a great way to both add individuality and save money, but only if you are willing to put in some graft as these projects can be quite time consuming. For all those thinking shabby chic-no I do not mean this, there are many other styles to upcycle to, my personal favourite is retro or Scandinavian. Take a look at my recent project below as an example.

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