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How to design a hotel style bedroom

Firstly I would like to apologise for the last two weeks!I was having some work done on my site and sorting the dreaded GDPR!Fun time, so of course I couldn’t post a blog!But I am back!

Do you need some luxury in your life, do you want to look forward to going to bed after a long challenging day. So you want to feel like a queen or that you sleep in a hotel every night. There is nothing wrong with that at all. I share with you below some inspiration and top tips, ideas and of course where to source you FF&E.

In order to create the ultimate chill out zone for resting aka Hotel vibe, It is about creating something different that the average bedroom. Quality is key, luxury is about going beyond the standard kit and creating a space that people should feel ” Am I worthy to be in this space”? Sounds harsh but being in this sort of space should almost alter your behaviour.

For me, when I go to a hotel, I almost want to feel like I have escaped life, and your hotel room is like a cocoon away from all the stress of everyday life!But that is just my crazy brain!Over thinker here! This is why for people like me, it needs to be dramatically different.

I want a hotel style bedroom to be luxurious, a big comfy bed with sheets that I just do not want to get out of, with pillows that are like clouds. If you have not felt this before, you are going to all the wrong hotels. Hotel rooms usually follow a particular style, to include fitted solid wood furniture.

When we think of luxury, we usually think of a look shown below, but luxury can be done in may styles to a degree, it is about convenience, comfort and all those little extras.

The rich tones in the bedroom say luxury straight away, there is nothing complicated to this space, the design is classic yet fuss free to a point. Soft furnishings for relaxation look comfortable and the silk throw pillows look elegant and classic. The lighting is soft and relaxing which creates a ambient atmosphere in the room.

 The bedding is most likely 1000 thread count sheets, which is the ultimate feeling of luxury. The small details are sometimes the most significant. The thick /full curtains also look luxurious, volume is luxury.

We do not necessarily need to re-create this as it is more about creating that space that is special with a hint of luxury.

This space is relaxed and inviting, tones are mainly neutral with a touch of some bright tones and rich woods. The interior seating area is great space for chilling, however does not have the best location because of where the tv is. The outdoor seating area is the bonus on this room. It is definitely a luxury to hop out of bed and enjoy your coffee outdoors just a skip away from bed.

To create the ultimate luxurious bedroom, I would suggest using a mixture of plus fabrics. This creates depth, layering and adds some drama to the space. Materials such as glass, silk, velvet, soft leathers, mirror effect, solid woods.

All the small extras all add up to create the look that is levels above your average bedroom such as 1000 thread count sheets, deep pile carpets, velvet curtains, pelmets.

Practical ideas such as the placement of lighting, especially for the bedside lights, it is essential to have switches beside the bed, to avoid having to get out of bed once you are ready to sleep. Different options for lighting levels to suit all activities.

Think spare pillows, soft tissues for guest usage. When you think hotel like facilities, think drink making facilities, well let’s not go that far, the kitchen is only down the hall, but who said you cannot have a mini fridge, hidden away!

For me the bed is most important, now if you are anything like me, you want the luxury of layering but without the work, I personally like to layer two different throws at the bottom of bed and I stand my pillow up and roll down my duvet and this really works to create the layers on a simple white duvet. Want the luxury feel but not sure what brands to go for, the two I can recommend from personal use are Dorma, and the “the hotel collection“ from Dunelm, see links below.

For window dressing this is also a great area to create drama, always, always, always do long and thick curtains, flimsy curtains will just look cheap and tacky. Keep it classy and avoid the shiny materials, unless it is real silk! Velvet is probably the best option to create ultimate rich luxury.

Lighting as we have mentioned before should have a variety of options in terms of sources. Bedside/wall lamps are important for late night relaxing and separate task lighting for getting glammed up!

Showpiece art is also typical of a luxurious hotel room, so take a look at some of the pieces below.

Rosa Ellie’ Framed Giclée Abstract Canvas Print Art

 By FineArtCorner Etsy

By Koby Feldmos×34-extremely-luxury%3Fga_order%3Dmost_relevant%26ga_search_type%3Dall%26ga_view_type%3Dgallery%26ga_search_query%3Dluxury%2520artwork%26ref%3Dsc_gallery-2-5%26plkey%3Dcea6a0bb6f1c869ea90131c9cac9fa41427e1ea2%3A195648636

This modern take on art deco, inspired room is luxury at its best but with a much more interesting take that the average beige walls. The headboard definitely has the wow factor.

Above image:


The feature wall/ceiling detail are the main focal points here and they really set the tone for this space, although not your typical picture of luxury, it think the different design makes its unique to be its own form of luxury and escape from everyday life.

The rich woods surrounding the bed add a sexy seventies vibe along with the layered bedding to give it a plush elegance.The eye catching art work and feature rug add another dimension.

Above image:




I have put together some of my top luxury picks for the ultimate hotel style bedroom below, so take a peak! I have tried to put a mix of classic and contemporary options for the bedding
This is the perfect example of classic luxury,oxford edge pillowcase and stunning embroidered throw cushions.The classical tones along with the soft silk material have a lavish and inviting appeal.
This is about as contemporary you can go when it comes to plain white bedding, no matter the style, Dorma is top quality when it comes to bedding and the offer a wide range of styles and mostly importantly thread count. Less really is more sometimes. This simple cleaning lined white duvet is my personal favourite!Super soft!
Champagne and Flamingos scents are the ultimate in luxury and fit in with pretty much all settings due to to the nature of their considerate packaging!I am so over tacking colourful packaging!It just cant work for all schemes!I am a convert,cant touch any other scents now!They can be matched to any setting/room or even occasion! The brand are always expanding with new and interesting ideas!Watch this space!
Remember when it comes to creating the luxury bedroom, its not all about aesthetic, its also about the atmosphere!But we have that covered above!
A good quality comfortable mattress is essential, let alone a luxury, but if you find one to suit you, it certainly is!
To create instant luxe, add a fur throw, if it works in your scheme!The above is from Furthrows etsy.Check them out!
I wanted to show you my take on luxury below, this design is created using products that are all very accessible on the market and probably within many peoples budgets!I have a list of links so get in touch if this is your style!

Thanks all for reading yet again!Please do get in touch with any questions, or for some more tips!

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