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Nursery design

Creating that special harmonious space for your new arrival can be a very exciting time, so I urge you to take your time, get prepared and do your research before just going out and buying your furniture.

I always say start with an inspirational image and then try and recreate it, that is if you are doing it yourself. It is very possible to design to even the smallest budgets. Up-cycling can help with this. My top tip for saving time and money would be to future proof your space, “what do I mean by this” I am talking about designing the space in a way that it will work for them as they grow and maybe only needs slight adjustments. Gone are the days when baby rooms have to be gaudy and full of tacky borders, thankfully.

If you are the type of parent that is quite open-minded and is all about their child just being happy no matter what, you may want to set this out from the beginning in terms of their surroundings. It is amazing the effect our surroundings can have on us, although it cannot be measured, I believe it!

I have put together some items I have sourced which I love and an Inspirational nursery mood board further down.

You can pick up this great rug from:

Style wise, there are many options to go for, the typical gender specific; feminine style or masculine, or the indifferent gender neutral which in my opinion is the way to go, it also holds more longevity.

If you know which gender you are having, then you can choose to go with any of these styles and get moving with getting your nursery ready, however if you do not want to know the sex of your baby but you would like to be prepared, gender neutral is the answer.Check out this great love sign from Scandiborn, perfect for any gender neutral nursery.

Scandiborn, as the name suggests do some great Scandinavian style interiors which work really well in gender neutral nurseries.

I believe using neutral tones can be so calming and sits great with the rest of the home, and can be a great environment for both baby and parent to spend time in. It is all about creating that haven for you and your baby, not a space that is far to stimulating and busy. Think about how you want to feel in the space and what your intentions are for what you will use the space for. “Are you going to have the baby sleeping in there, cleaning the baby, changing it, feeding it?”

Once you have decided these things and found some Inspiration, then we are ready to start planning your space.

Let’s plan the layout, Usually the room that is left for the nursery is quite small, how can we best plan the floor space to make the most of it. Plan the cot in an alcove, away from a door, or even a window, either to save floor space, avoid noise or even a breeze. I have, this minute put together a very quick/messy sketch, just giving you some ideas as to what you might do!Ps if I were to do this for you, it would be a proper autocad plan!

Effectively planning your space is essential for both aesthetics and practicality. Making sure that you do not put tall intrusive furniture near a cot or a feeding chair if possible as this makes for a claustrophobic feeling for the baby, all whilst blocking light. Remember we are trying to create the ultimate chill pad.

I wanted to further share some amazing pieces I have found on the market but nurseries that are practical and still look great.

I also love mobiles and think the are a key part of a nursery, no matter the style,check out some of the below.

This play mat is ideal for some styles of nursery. So soft and welcoming for baby

Take a look a some great quality Danish nursery furniture from Kidsmill, the company has a great history of quality. The products are designed to last and grow with your child, due to the nature of their design.

The simplicity of the Amy cot bed is refreshing and so adaptable to fit in many styles of interiors and colour schemes,but ideal for the simple Scandinavian vibe.They are perfect to create that calm and relaxed environment to get your baby off to sleep in no time. Check out a few more items from the collection below.There really are so many more styles to choose from.

To view some of this stunning furniture, you can pop along to Jack in a box off Victoria Street, Mansfield.

Pick up a catalogue where you see the full range.

I have spent some time putting together quick sample nursery design mood board for you all to be inspired by.This is not a finished space, just some quick ideas for the look. Take note of the frames, I would advise having all three frames matching, white frames on white walls is not a great look, so swap them up for the wooden.

Links for items in nursery in shown above.


Bear Picture:





Flooring from:

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