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Why design minimalist


This is for all of you on the fence, possibly about to embark on a re-design for when you have your new extension built. Well it is time to just make a choice and stick with it. As you either do minimalist or not at all. It certainly is not to everyone’s taste. It is very much a style based on personality.

Deciding whether you fit into the category of people that fit into this persona is the hardest part, in my professional opinion, you should already be that sort of person or have made a conscious decision to change your ways. Now you are probably thinking; what is she waffling about.

We touched on this previously. Take the quiz below to see whether you are suitable to it or not.

1.Do you love being surrounded by colour and pattern?

2.Do you like collecting things and being surrounded by stuff the brings back memories like fridge magnets, kids pictures on the fridge, knick-knacks?

3.Do you prefer whites and greys?

4.Do you like clean lined sharp profiles?

5.Do you like detail or simplicity?

6.Do you think less is more?

7.Do you like monochrome Interiors?

8.Do you agree kitchen cupboards should hold all kitchen supplies,electricals and food?If you answered yes to number one and two, then minimalist probably is not for you. This style is perfect for the people who answered yes or agreed with statements and questions 3-8. These statements explain a lot about fitting into this look.

If you are going to move on with working on a minimalist scheme, then do your reading first to understand what minimalist is.

Although many people think that this is quite a new term, however Mies Van der Rohe was doing if as early as 1929, when he designed the Barcelona pavilion, so it is far from new. As time goes on, I think we are trying to achieve this way of living more and more.

What the look is all about, well it says it in the name, MINIMALIST. A minimal number of items is what the design style is all about. It is about creating a calm, serene environment in which to live and relax. I believe it to be very beneficial to health, due to its nature.

This is one look that you must get right as it is not at all forgiving. A home needs to be in good physical condition to allow this look to work,so a fresh skim of plaster can do the trick.

I am a true believer that design affects your health, especially physiologically. There have been many studies to prove this. I believe that a fresh, minimalist clean lined space with simple forms and symmetrical layouts can have a calming effect, in turn can naturally de-stress you.

Being in a calm, clutter free environment can have many benefits which can in turn lead to a happier, much more rounded person. The look is about creating balance and a sense of harmony. Having a more minimalist interior helps make smaller spaces feel bigger due to the clean lined furniture and lack of detail allowing your eye to focus on the space as a whole.

So, if you think this lifestyle/look may suit you, its time to get planning. If you need help achieving this look for your new home or renovation project, then get in touch, to

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