The Design Process and how we can help you….


Initial discovery call to discuss your project in depth, tell me all about your motivation to get started and the areas where you feel you need help, whether it be on a consultancy level, design only or the whole process.

Once I know more about your project and how you might like me to get involved. I offer to create a no obligation quote, for you to consider in your own time. Should you decide to accept, we would then arrange an in person meeting alongside a site survey.

Now, its time to start the design process itself…

Step 1 -Concept design

This is an essential step in order to get clarity on the overall look and feel of the space. During our discovery call, I will have asked various questions about what you are trying to achieve and what your likes and dislikes are, at this point, I will create a digital mood board showing various images of the sort of interior I propose based on the brief you provided, budget suitability and of course, what suits the space. This point is like a filtering stage, time for me to understand that I have grasped your taste properly, so its just as important to know what you don’t like as appose to what you do.

Once this is created, we will have a meeting to discuss, and make a plan to move forward. I will then provide you with meeting notes.

Step 2- Floor Plans

This is where I will draw up the current floor plans and start to create a new suitable layout that maximises the space and creates a functional space.

If we need to create a electrical layout plan for your electrician to follow or an Elevation for your Joiner to work off, then this will all be done under this scope. This will be done in 2d and provided digitally. Floor plans are ideal for working out the furniture positioning and working out the most suitable sizes. These will be adopted along the way when we come to source the furniture. 

After this step we will organise a meeting to discuss.

Step 3 – Design Development

This is where we specify the finishes, furniture, fixtures and any other element of the design, this includes everything from the plug sockets to skirting boards as these  all make a difference to the overall design.

This will be presented using a mood board showing various images of the items and finishes suggested. I will also organise for you to receive some samples to consider.

We can provide 3d Visuals if you struggle to visualise.

We also create a document containing all project information which is saved on a shared drive accessible to you at all times, which will be updated as the project progresses. For those of you who are implementing the designs yourself, this will become an important document.


The next step for those who would like us to bring the design to life, its time to organise the trades and get quotes, organise any kitchen and bathroom designs and order all the product require for implementation on your behalf. I can deal with any issues that arise and make sure the project happens in a timely manner. I provide light project management only if required. If I am project managing, I share my trade discount with you where I receive it. 


Its now time to add the finishing touches to make you space really come to life and  feel complete, this is where I will attend site and stage the space with accessories ready to be enjoyed. If this is a commercial space, I can organise for it to be photographed for marketing purposes.

I can provide all or just some of these service, check out my services page for more information.


I will create a no obligation quote, which is inclusive of all the services you require, so will stay the same as long as you do not request extra work.

The fee is based on the total job and broken down into payments, of a initial booking fee, monthly payments (set in the quote based on the estimated project length) and finally the closing balance on completion.

You will receive an initial invoice and then once a month following this.

There are no hidden fees.

Please feel free to get in touch with anymore questions.