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Boys bedroom design

So, tonight’s we are talking boys style bedrooms, well I think they are for any young people who like a masculine/fun/less elegant style!

Designing a boy’s bedroom does not have to mean lots of colors and tacky matching curtains and bedding, think beyond this, it is not real design.

Usually, this works well as quite a clean-edged style. It is not necessarily set to the typical blue tones, but these can look good. Think adventure, fun, curiosity, and variety! Textures, color and tactile fun is what it is all about.

Think about what excites your child and how could you provide endless hours of fun and creativity in their very own bedroom. What is their favorite movie, is it about the sea or adventure, do they love climbing. How do they get in trouble! What games do you catch them playing fuelled by their imagination??

Use this as your starting point. If a space is heavily themed based; I suggest look for the bed first as this is usually quite a feature and where the rest of the space can flow and be built out from.

The one below is from cuckooland which has a fab range of pieces to inspire you. This style is quite Scandinavian, and it is ideal for small spaces due to the fresh tones and plenty of storage underneath. It features a whiteboard, a little shelf for clip-on lamp, a slide, and a climbing ramp!

Scandi style is about clean lines, but not as sharp as minimalist, a fresh palette, a less is more approach and most importantly about going back to nature and choosing the most natural materials!

If you prefer something that is a little warmer and more colorful then, think wall murals, color blocking, shapes, variety in textures.

Textures can be added in rugs, throws, bedding, wall art, and window dressings! There are some great companies that do wall art and murals, check out the below.

Check out my next mood board inspired by all the above! I will have links and all the information needed for those who would like to create this look themselves for a great price! I can also create a bespoke look for your little one!

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