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I wanted to put together some help for your guys to consider when designing your home office. First off, I just want to say, you deserve a nice office and yes you do have time to do the work. It will be worth it, when you are feeling much more productive when you are at work. If you work from home every day or have your own business which you run from home, then it is essential that your surroundings are welcoming and inviting and do not feel like a typical commercial office.

Firstly, we must look at the nature of your business and consider this when working with planning the theme. There are so many different looks to go for nowadays from the traditional classical office for the more serious look or the quirky google style theme to stimulate ideas and inspiration. Let’s take a look at some ideas below and then let’s source the best places to find some great office accessories.

Soft and elegant with a romantic and relaxed atmosphere which easily fades into the room setting.

This stunning light,airy and calm space is ideal for someone who wants a calm,serene setting in which to be super productive.Loving the neutral tones against the warmth of the wood.Source@villapuomi instagram share.

Maybe you like a bit more of a serious vibe, but still keeping things homely and not a serious corporate office look. This space has a slight industrial vibe which works great with the the nature of the office essentials. Source @stylebeyek instagram share.

You may want to make it feel exceptionally homely by having all your prised possessions in site, this may be your motivation. This space has a mix of styles but works!

Sometimes it is about keeping things simple, with a touch of quirky and classical all rolled into one. Less sometimes is more.Source @ikea

Absolutely love this space, although i know this is not everyone’s canvas but you can do your version of this!Those draws and the desk,amazing. I love the accessories too! Source @ikea

This look is all about the textures and the black and white theme, its god elements of industrial but with more of a classical finish. Loving the chalky white brick wall. The tall black units are a great contrast especially with the lined effect.Source @ikea

This look is simple and achievable, i just like the warmth and the idea of a rug to tie it together and add some texture.Source @ikea

This office is great for people who may not be able to delegate a whole room to an office, and don’t want to take away from their space, it fades nicely into the fresh interior. I love how it displays personal accessories,again taking away from the corporate feel, and helping it blend into the space. Source @estudiofilcmangurfinkiel instagram share

This look is cool for a teens bedroom, works for both girls and boys due to its slight industrial vibe.Source @ikea

 Simplicity, wood is soft and warming but yet adds a feature to the space, with this look, one must be careful about how we dress this look, so as to not make it look cheap.Source @thehomeofficer instagram share.

I really love the mix of old and new in the home office, the old of the panelling and the new of the glass table. This home office is a great example of how to mix the practical side of an office and a home at the same time. The warm tones keep a professional atmosphere, and the soft textures add the warmth and homely feel. Source @adamhunter instagram share.

For a more elegant, traditional and homely feel, this office ticks all the boxes, calm,relaxing and full of light to keep you awake and inspired.Source @customhomestaginganddesign instagram share.

This look is a much more classical option oozing elegance and warmth.Source @piliosyanlusine.

And last but not least the space saving option. Source@yanoliveira_interiores

Lets now look at where to source some items to go towards some of the above amazing home offices.

Do you need help designing your office of indeed some inspiration, this is just a few ideas of what is possible. For more information on the above, get in touch.

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