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Space saving interior design tips

Space saving Interior design tips

Hi All,

I wanted to give you some tips that are practical for those of you who live in a small space with not a lot of storage or indeed floor space in general, but who wants to make the most of their space and not sacrifice too much.

First, maybe obvious tip I would give, would be to have a good old fashioned clear out. There is no point starting to re-design until this has happened as you don’t want to be making room for items you don’t really want or need anyway.

Layout is the next most important step, how you can layout your space to make the most of an item is essential, as some things can serve dual purpose, it is all about being savvy.

Where layout is concerned it is all about using every inch of floor space to the best of its ability but to also arranging furniture so that it could have dual purpose. If you are short on bedrooms and would like to be able to have guests over, the sofa bed market has really improved, check out some examples further down from Wayfair. They also have a great range of coffee tables which have some additional storage or seating. do a new range of floor cushions which are super stylish and comfy. These are great space saving quick wins for when you have a few unexpected guests, as they can be easily stored and pulled out when needed. You can pick them up here:  http://<a href=”” target=”_new”>Homelia</a>

Ironing boards that come out of a cupboard or off the wall are also handy, it is also about being organised, because the smaller the space, the less cutter you should have clogging up the space and making it feel claustrophobic

Link to ironing board.

Slim shelving is great to display your books and nick naks. These are a great feature and they add interest to any wall or space. This one is from Habitat

Kitchens can really take up a lot of floor space and encroach on your space making it feel closed in and cluttered, but not if you go with an alternative option. The below kitchens are perfect for studio apartments in cramped cities like London that have an open plan layout especially as they can be closed up when not in use and be opened to reveal a small but fully functioning kitchen, if these do not suit, they can be bespoke and made to your needs. They are great for saving floor space and allowing an area to serve as dual purpose for when you do not need access to them. For those of you who do not like the look of a kitchen or are a little messy, it can be hidden with the close of a door or two!They comes in a variety of finishes.Check them out, they are by John Strand. Link below.

Dining tables are a great opportunity to make the most of adaptable furniture especially with the choices out there today. There are several types, the type that attach to a wall and fold down, or there are collapsing tables that can be put away, ones that allow more seating when you add in extra panels, there are even coffee tables that morph into dining tables to name but a few. 

This amazing table from John Strand is dual purpose, as it morph’s into tall table which could be used to dine at or indeed as a work station!Perfect for those evenings on the sofa that you need to get some work done, but are to lazy to sit in the office!This will be on my birthday present list for sure. Not only is it practical but it is also designed to suit many interiors.Check them out here:

With storage, it is about thinking outside the box literally, so anywhere you have a piece of furniture or a decorative item, choose one with storage space inside, there are endless options, here is a few examples.

Kids bunk beds are a wonderful way to save some space and keep the kids together in one room also, if you are short on rooms. There are so many more choices today to choose from and just remember if they are not your taste, paint it or add your own individualized touch. My favourite site at the moment is Wayfair, I just think they have a great selection of styles and product type to suit everyone’s needs and budgets. It truly is a one stop shop. Take a look at a great selection of choices below.

Sofa beds are always a great way to add more potential to your space, allowing you to have more opportunity to cater to visitors, if you do not have the extra bedrooms, and gone are the days you had to have an ugly sofa to accommodate this,check out these lovely pieces below, stylish yet practical.

All from the amazing Wayfair!

Hallways can be such cramped, cluttered spaces in the best of homes. Why is this so, lack of storage is my guess. We want to drop everything instantly. My suggestion is to make use of any under stair storage to house coats, shoe racks, umbrella stands, bags etc. Also have some hooks for keys. It was standard to have a telephone table in the hallway in years past but these days there are all sorts of new and old re-vamped products on offer to help you tidy up the space. You gain storage space under the stairs,you can either custom build to suit your space such as this book case, or pop to B&Q and pick up the below specifically built for under the stairs, of course if you did not like the exposure of these, they could be hidden with some doors.

Under your bed storage is a life saver, it is perfect for storing your spare bedding and even some towels. All these little spaces really do make a difference to keeping that almost ZEN flow throughout your home!

I also have Pinterest page with lots of space saving and organisation ideas, so check it out! I am always updating this so keep an eye out!

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Until next week!

Bye for now XOXO


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