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Living Room Inspiration

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Do you need to update your living room? Let’s get some ideas going and inspire you to change up your space and make it one you look forward to retreating to each evening. Before we do that, lets think about what atmosphere we want to create within the space and then design the space to make this a reality. Personally, I love mood lighting, when I am relaxing at night I don’t like it to be too bright, otherwise I cannot chill out, but everyone is different, consider this when planning your space. You may want a warm calming neutral palette, this will create the chilled, relaxing atmosphere you want.

There are so many styles to consider, so let’s do some personality matching. For those that like a Scandi/neutral vibe, then I would imagine these sorts of people like calming serene, relaxed environments. It would be particularly suitable for people who don’t like clutter and who prefer simplicity and a neutral palette.

If this is not you, maybe your vibrant and vivacious and full of energy, you love being reminded of all that is good in your life and your memories, you like to be stimulated vs relaxed. Colour makes you happy and you like to mix things up. You may be an Eclectic mix.

You prefer a more formal atmosphere which almost dictates your behaviour. Your more of a classical guy or gal! You like detail and elegance, and even a touch of glamour, you like a mix of materials to include silk, velvet, linens and much more.

If you are a minimalist, you will most likely know it as the name is in the title. To you less is more. It is all about simplicity and detail is not your friend. You like a fresh clean lined eyeline and you like neutral tones.

These are just a few styles to go with but there are so many more.

Please get in touch if you would like any more help or inspiration. The sky is the limit.

Bye for now.


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