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                                                                             SS 2019 INTERIOR DESIGN TRENDS

Let’s talk SS 2019

Some of you may not know much about how the trends form, dictating what products and finishes we see in the design houses and stores alike. It really is quite interesting how they are predicted.

So many things are considered such as social, economic, political, environmental and technological influences to drive trends.

Colour is highly influenced by the trends but texture, shape, form, mass can all be revitalised with a fresh take.

Trend 1 for SS 2019 is called Hush, the hush trend is all about protecting creativity and the need to withdraw, protect and personalise.

The colour palette speaks for itself and is quite muted vague tones, textures and materials show us smoked glass, matt finishes, semi-transparent layers and gauze.

 Furniture is all about colour and intimacy.

swoon editions

Trend No 2 is Worth

This trend encourages us to look at the idea of luxury in a new light with our eco-friendly values now looming. We now look to create luxury by aiming to achieve more of a bespoke look, by upcycling, finding new uses for products or materials that may previously used for something very different, ensuring a very bespoke piece. Its all about stone ceramics, glass, NG laminates, carbon fibre and even concrete. This is all about longevity. Textiles are also important.


This concrete table is from and is so in keeping with the SS trends. Click on the image for a link.


Colours are vivid and have hints of a classical and luxurious palette.

I hope this has given you a little insight into the trends predicted for SS 2019

If you would like to update your space taking influence from the new trends, get in touch today for a no obligation quote or to arrnage a free consult.

My next blog post will be talking technology and smart home design!Its all about learning about how you can integrate affordable smart home technology to make your home harder for you.

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