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Renovating your kitchen is a big project but one that can add thousands of pounds to the value of your home, so it is a no brainer. Undertaking your kitchen design project is no easy feat. Be prepared for stress in the form of a pop up kitchen in your bedroom or living room! I think people take for granted what a disruptive time this can be, so if possible be as prepared as you can! 

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If you are investing in a new kitchen, it obviously needs to be a far cry from your last one. Use your last few weeks in your old kitchen accessing what is not working about the space. The new design must solve a problem and work more efficiently.  

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Ergonomics are essential in the planning of a layout. Most kitchen companies will now plan a 3d drawing along with a 2d to make the best use of space. The layout is planned around a triangle “the golden triangle to be precise. What is this? Its planning the main points in the kitchen in a triangle to make it easy to work in. The cooker, the fridge and sink make this up, so any decent designer should make this the start point to the design.  

When designing your kitchen, as with any other space; it is important to understand how you want to feel in the space. Do you want it to be a feature within the space, or not to stand out at all, a minimalist design perhaps?  

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What is the purpose of the space, is it just a practical space or for entertaining?   

Material choice is super important when it comes to creating a space to be envious of. Creating a list of must haves within the space is so so important, along with creating an Inventory of items you need to store such as food processors, blenders etc. This helps in the planning of how much storage is needed? Prep space if you entertain and cook a lot is worth considering also. 

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Look at inspiration for the various styles and consider what represents your taste closest. Personally, I like a minimalist look where everything is stored inside the cupboards giving a nice clean and clear look.  

Minimalist white kitchen

If this is not your cup of tea, and you prefer something that stands out, then something with a little bit more detail may well be up your street. With detail comes impact, more color, texture, meaning more decisions to make. This is when it is even more crucial to have a vision. With open plan living becoming more and more popular, this makes it even more important for the space to flow and be truly considered as a whole scheme. You can go to the usual high street kitchen brands, and they will design a kitchen for you, but they are not trained designers who think of the space as a whole, and the impact of the kitchen itself on the whole space, so you need to go in with a strong understanding of exactly what you want the space to look like. 

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When getting like for like quotes, it’s is important to be just that, like for like, often people think if they have a similar size and design, then they will get comparison quote, but that is not necessarily accurate, quality also needs to be considered 

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If you need help with designing and planning your kitchen, get in touch for a complimentary consultation today! No job to big or small!

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