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Smart Home Technology

Interiors and smart home technology work so well together but I think some people are scared of them, however, I believe they are essential in making your home work smarter for you.

In business, they say work harder not smarter. Smart home interiors do exactly that. Homes are there to protect, shelter and to create a communal space for your loved ones. We all live busy lives and need all the help we can get, why not find ways to save time and energy so you can focus your attention on more important things. There are so many benefits to having a smart home system in your home, and one I particularly like is the idea of being able to control the various elements, allowing stress and anxiety to be a world away. Smart home technology has come a long way in recent years, it can now be retrofitted, meaning no disturbing you walls. Everything from blinds and gates, thermostats, light switches, water sprinkler, home safety.

Smart home technology is great for everyone, those with a disability, those who don’t have the same mobility they once used to. Why not spend your time and energy on more interesting things instead of everyday life basics. It can assist people to control their own lights without the aid of someone. Smart home lighting can also provide stunning effects to any home, and working with a lighting designer can create a really ambient atmosphere and a more functional space.

Now you are probably thinking what this has to do with interior Design. It has everything to do with design, interior design should not just improve the aesthetic, it should also improve the functionality; how you use your home.

The user experience should also be improved with a new design. Smart home technology really contributes to a better functioning home, along with many other things such as a better layout. Smart home tech used to be very unattractive, it has improved so much now and blends into the surroundings.

The market leader Fibaro works well with Google assistant, amazon Alexa, and z wave making it suitable for many and easy to control from your smart phone.

Where you are looking to control your heating, your lights, monitor your homes temperature, control your roller shutters and gate controls, Window and door monitoring, fire protection, leak detection, multimedia management, control of electrical appliances, watering system management, anti-theft protection, carbon monoxide detection.

How great would It be to get help for all of the above, ideal for when you away on holidays or travelling for work. The system is wireless, complementary and modular, meaning anyone can add it to their home. Being able to use your mobile to make adjustments means you are in control of your home at the touch of a button, going home after a hand day is no longer a task, allowing your home to be ready to welcome you with open arms!

Finally, what I love about the system is that it is buildable, meaning you can add to it as an when you like, meaning you don’t have to take the plunge all at once.

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