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Where to shop for Interior Homewares

Interior Design and where to shop

Do you just sometimes look at Instagram and think, how, how can I make my space look like that, now of course I would love to say HIRE ME! I can help you work to any taste of budget, within reason, but some of you may have plenty of free time and want to tackle it by yourself, so I have decided to give you some tips on where to source the best furniture, accessories and learning how to find the best bargains and unusual pieces. Good design is accessible to anyone, but it is knowing how, what and where.

Lets first look at the finishes first, there are limited amounts of paint brands to choose from, so let’s look at other finishes such as wallpaper and coverings. There are many good brands, but also some sites that sell all these brands, the ones I would recommend are. I have many links below, but have chosen some brands to focus on below.


Check these out also!

Let’s look at furniture brands/companies. I have some favourites.  Check them out.

Lets look at some good websites for accessories.


I hope this has given you food for thought and encouraged you to get moving on your next project.

Bye for now!


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