Holistic Interior Design

Holistic Interior Design

What is a holistic Interior – holistic interiors are Interiors where consideration has gone into the planning and design of them with wellbeing at the core of its brief. These spaces think deeper about their daily impact and each choice is made considering how it will benefit the users. Ergonomics are the most important elements of the the design,  we ask; what is the spaces function, what are it’s current pain points, who uses the space, what activities will be performed in the space. 

Once we have figured out answers to the above, then we can plan a space to perform at its best.

Creating a holistic interior is about making life easier for the user in terms of how it functions, can the layout and set up and planned in a way that it actually has a positive affect on the users daily schedule, in turn making them less stressed and therefore healthier, would’nt that be the ultimate outcome!

At Macánta Interiors, this is our very goal. We want to help you create a space that is functional for your specific needs and lifestyle, this is important for our homes but also our businesses. We want to encourage organised spaces, that meet the needs of its users and have clear functions for each space. 

It also about creating a space that resonates with its owner, a space that gels with their personaility,  or creates the atmosphere needed for that type of commercial space and brand.

Macánta Interiors just wants to change how Interior design is seen as a luxurious service to one that is actually all about problem solving in an asthetically pleasing way.

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