My Home - Ongoing

This is an ongoing project which I try to work on around my business and hectic family life, of course my own home is not priority. It has also had to adapt over time when my daughter Ruby became old enough to start running about!

There was lots of work to do on this house when we moved in such as replastering, levelling a floor, and much more which I worked on whilst heavily pregnant. It’s been a busy few years to say the least!!

So; this property was built in the 60’s and suited a Mid-Century style which was ideal as this is mine and my partners personal taste. We very much wanted a nod to this period and not like you were stepping back in time so we very much choose items with a modern twist on the periods features. Colour wise, We went with quite a neutral palette. When we bought the property, the bathroom and kitchen were not that old, so these just needed finishing touches and the odd change. As life is busy my home is still a work in progress, so pictures will coming soon !