HMO -PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT ( Complete 2020) Location: Basford, Nottingham

Property type: Large 7  Bed property to be used as a HMO

Open plan K,L,D a few en-suites and 7 bedrooms.

This project was with a for a local developer who I previously worked with to produce floor plans and electrical layouts for. The project was at the height of the pandemic when I was heavily pregnant with my daughter Ruby, so during this period, projects were more challenging from a sourcing perspective, meaning the outcome was not exactly as hoped. I worked with the developer on the kitchen and scantly on the bathrooms by consulting on the layout and current finishes choices, but the majority of the design was already there before I began. I specified all wall finishes, flooring, tiling and lighting for this and all spaces. I also specified furniture and dressed the space once construction was complete. I provided guidance as to where and how artwork should be hung, but unfortunately this was not followed. Stock availability was really challengining during this project so some items were not 100% ideal in terms of scale but we worked with what we had to focusing on getting the overal concept right. The client want something, contemporary but fun and inviting in terms of style and also wanted to explore color to add a pop of individuality to each space. There are definately some things I would now change about this project but every project is a learning and development curve. I would estimate this locally to at around 1500/2k, for design, specification, sourcing and dressing, Project management not included. 

If you would like to further information about the scale of this project and my involvement, please make an inquiry.