This was a University project. I had to source an old building and give it a new lease of life which celebrated the original features. I choose the Giffard Arms in Wolverhampton, a Romanesque building with bags of character and original style windows.

I wanted to create a different sort of club/bar for a genre of people who I felt were not catered for; over 25’s who still wanted the atmosphere of a club but that still offered them a way to communicate and meet new people. I wanted to design in a way that I would influence the user to interact more and leave feeling like they were on the way to forging new relationships.

I tried to do this by providing a variety of formal and casual seating, and also added standing drinks tables near to the dancefloor to encourage people to take a simple conversation to the dancefloor.

We had to survey and draw up the plans to create layout options, create mood boards with designs, do 3d renders and make a model with laser cut acrylic. I also choose to try make the bar a feature with contemporary angular cladding which was back lit. It was also finished by a floating feature moulded ceiling.

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